Computers and Eyes

computer strain

computer strain

With todays life being more and more based around computers, a subset of presentations has emerged. Predominantly three concerns arise; eyestrain ,sore eyes and greater exposure to blue light.

With more hours spend at the computer, the eyes  exert a prolonged effort staying focused on the screen. This can lead to frowning ,squinting, aches and loss of concentration. For some, help can be delivered by means of special customized spectacles made. We offer a wide range of anti-fatigue or broadly called office lenses, which are custom designed to individual eye power needs .These are excellent choices for the 40 plus age group. The lenses we offer are of freeform digitally designed lens architecture, which enhance clarity of central focal zones, increase the field of view, and reduce peripheral aberrations encountered by more commonly available products.There are great anti-reflective coatings available.

Some eyes may also  suffer from binocular misalignment. Individually they may focus ,but may not work well in unison. This can be a challenge when tracking words on a page. We have access to lens technologies to help with this also. Discuss your case with our examiner.

Prolonged, close work also leads to diminished blinking response, thus dry eye type problems may emerge. Sore, gritty eye sensation, sounds familiar , talk to us , solutions are available. We can advise you on suitable eye lubricants to assist with this.

With evolving technologies behind new monitors we do encounter increased emittance of light in the blue-light spectrum. Concentration of  light in this spectrum has raised concerns over the eyes natural ability to absorb and dissipate this energy effectively without sustaining tissue damage. Studies thus far have suggested our circadian rhythm ,or day night cycle may be skewed by prolonged exposure.It is early days to dispense concrete advice ,we do however suggest, Blue-Light  absorbing Multicoat filters to computer lenses.


To keep the recommendations complete , ask yourself, is your work station configured well.? We are only a phone call away.