Eye Care

At Riverside Eye Care we endeavor to bring to you comprehensive eye assessments, utilizing advanced equipment, up to date knowledge, culminating in a streamlined patient management approach, yielding best visual outcomes for you, our patient. We accomplish this eye care goal by bringing our 20 plus year experience on board.


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    Personalized Eye Assessments include, but are not limited to the following

Eye Care

  • macula degeneration care
  • glaucoma management
  • diabetic eye disease
  • general ocular health checks
  • lazy eye management and therapy
  • binocular vision training
  • visual pathway threshold testing
  • perceptual reading, learning difficulties testing
  • specialized contact lens fitting
  • therapeutic eye disease management
  • refractive surgery suitability assessments
  • spectacle lens prescriptions

Convenience of electronic claiming  street car parking in front of the practice.

We would be more than happy to explain to you the extensive range of tests and equipment. We provide you with our individual attention and approach to a given problem or an eye condition, and offer you personalized solutions. It is very important to us to enable you to have access to the latest developments and information in the field of eye care, this includes newest products and treatments for given conditions.

Some problems and conditions can go on un-noticed, for sometime . It is therefore very important to allow us to carry out thorough imaging and testing of your eyes.

Not only clinically focused eye  services, complemented by specialized equipment delivery , experienced optometry doctors, but also a wide selection of eye wear products including prescription lenses, digital design aspheric freeform multifocal lenses, high index light weight lens designs , plethora of contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, and magnifying aids. Your eyes and sight are a precious gift. We are here to help you look after them.

Look good and feel at ease that we will care after your eyes. Your locally available eye care professionals at Murray Bridge and Adelaide Hills at Balhannah , South Australia.