Diabetic Eye Disease


advanced diabetic retinopathy patient retains good vision in need of Tx

advanced diabetic retinopathy patient retains good vision in need of Tx

Diabetic Eye Disease

As you may be aware diabetes affects 5% of Australians, with current population this translates to over 1 million people. Seventy percent of these individuals will develop diabetic eye disease within 15 years.

At Riverside Eye Care we are well equipped to diagnose and manage these changes in their most subtle form. We liase with general medical doctors and eye surgeons to give you the best options in preserving your sight.

More Common eye presentations;


Background Diabetic Retinopathy

The retina at the back of your eyes shows micro bleeds, sometimes swelling,or out-pouchings of blood vessels can develop referred to as aneurisms. These findings need to be monitored and they may or may not affect your vision in early stages.

Posterior Capsular Cataract

The lens present inside your eye can undergo clouding, resulting in a specific type of cataract .In this case the capsule becomes swollen .The effect is clouded vision.


Secondary Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease of the Optic Nerve. We know the prevalence of this disease is higher among diabetics. In early stages it has no symptoms. Rubeotic of Neovascular Glaucoma are more serious variants.

Extra-Ocular Muscle Neuropathy

On occasion one of the nerves supplying the eye muscles,responsible for its correct positioning can be affected.This leads to ocular misalignment and double vision  type of problems.Some individuals being unaware of what is occuring adopt an unusual head tilt to compensate for this.

During diabetic assessment we strongly recommend retinal imaging ,which heightens the sensitivity of detection of micro-vascular disease. Both Retinal Cameras and Optical CT is recommended. We provide high resolution imaging (not found at all practices) and have archiving capability for future cross referencing.


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