Ophthalmic Equipment

Slit Lamps

These are modified microscopes which enable viewing of the front and back of the eyes.We have Nikon and Rodenstock Slitlamps.


Pachymeter is an ultrasonic scanner or echo-sounder which measures thickness of tissues, in this case the cornea.

Fundus Cameras

This is a camera which images the back surface of the eye. Since it images a curved surface, complex optics are utilized to recompose the image into a easy to understand format. Highly recommend for routine assessments. Imaging of the Optic Nerves ,Retina and Blood Vessels is recommended during ocular health checks.

Ocular Coherence Tomographer ( Optical-CT)

This device images deeper layers of the eye, a little like an a MRI scanner. It can also study blood flow through vessels (angiography)  and can reconstruct the tissues it scanned 3 dimensionally. (Balhannah Practice)

Direct Ophthalmoscopy

A monocular instrument which enables viewing of the back of the eye. Like viewing pebbles up close in a creek.

 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

A binocular instrument  which enables viewing the back of the eye in 3D. It provides a wider field of view compared to the Direct Ophthalmoscope, where more structures are visable in one view. It is comparable to  flying a helicopter over the valley.

Visual Field testing, Humphrey Zeiss Perimeter

An instrument which assesses the patient’s field of view, and can determine if early glaucoma is present, or if there are optic nerve tract or higher neurological anomalies affecting the visual pathway.

Colour Vision Assessments

Useful in determining either hereditary colour vision deficiencies or some acquired ones ie induced by certain medicines/diseases.We possess Ishihara Tests, Desaturated D 15 Tests, and Medmont C100 Tester.


Utilized to measure the pressure in the eye.We have contact tonometers capable of being used in mobile settings, as with wheelchair bound patients.


Measurement of the refractive power, or the focusing error of the eye.


A device resembling a modified contact lens with inbuilt mirrors to allow viewing of structures hidden around the corner , or too difficult to visualize with a straight beam of light. Excellent for viewing anterior and posterior chambers of the eye in great detail.

Corneal Keratometry / Topography

An instrument used for mapping the contour of the front of the eye .It is beneficial in monitoring shape variations of the cornea. Patients with irregular astigmatism or those with herniating or thinning corneal disorders are common beneficiaries.

Binocular Vision Training

We have an array of portable equipment aimed at improving binocular function ; including tranaglyphs, red green stereo charts, prism bars, flippers, phoria cards, Randot Charts, activity books .