Specialized Contact Lens Fitting

Whilst our practice can fit conventional and disposable contact lenses we do carry out more complex fitting.

What do you mean by more complex fitting?

Some eyes may have distorted or buckled front surface which is more challenging for a contact lens to fit and stabilize. Imagine contour or topography of the front of the eye resembling that of a contorted Aussie Rule football or dented and mangled car bonnet. As the incoming light passes thorough these surfaces it will have difficulty focusing on the back part of the eye the retina. Consequently one needs to design a contact lens which is not only stable ,and does not rotate or slide off the eye but one which yields good vision.

What are some examples of these eyes?

We place these oddly shaped eyes in 3 categories;

1/ eye with unusual regular astigmatism (non-spherical shape) , which can be an anatomical trait you inherited
2/ eyes with irregular astigmatism,(non-spherical shape) which can be suggestive of certain connective tissue disorders, herniating or thinning corneal conditions; one example being Keratoconus.

3/ eyes post trauma, afflicting the cornea (front clear window of your eyes) examples being metallic of glass projectiles scarring the front of the eye.

Contact Lens Manufacturing technology is quite advanced now, so you may not need to hold yourself back from attaining sharper vision.