Retinal Vessel Exams






Retinal Vessel Exams.

We offer retinal vasculature assessments,  performed through dilated pupils, to ascertain  if any microvascular involvement is responsible for a series of symptoms you may have.These commonly involve; diabetic individuals, hyperinsulinaemics, or patients whom are suspects for strokes inside the eyes, different forms of macular disorders etc


Who should have these vascular tests?

We have a list of ” at risk individuals”  who should have these tests done and will ascertain this during your eye health check. Very broadly patients with; elevated blood pressure, diabetics, stroke patients, autoimmune disorders group, uveitis, eye trauma, previous eye inflammation, vascular disorders ie Raynaud’s Disease, certain blood disorders and so on.




Retinal Vessel Imaging Modalities at the practice.

Slit Lamp exams

Retinal 2D scans Red Free Filter

Optical-CT 3D scans  ( investigative for tubulation, clots, haemorrhages)

Optical -CT Angioplex investigative;  (Posterior Segment , Macula, Optic Nerve Head Vessels)