Why See Us ?

Specialized Expertise. We are an independent family eye care practice. We pride ourselves on providing specialized services, spanning from; eye health management, eye imaging modalities, advanced diagnostic capabilities, vision therapy and training, complex contact lens fitting, highly customized prescription lenses.

Personalized. We offer highly customized eye care solutions to meet your needs, from eye disorder management and advice, through to delivery of advanced spectacle lenses. We view you as a unique patient and take time to understand your needs and expectations.

Flexible. Our approach in dealing with you is flexible beyond what other big chain businesses offer. This includes time spent explaining different aspect of your eyes, management protocols, delivery of customized lens products and appointment allocation.

Local. We are a local practice which is part of the local community which supports and often sponsors some local ventures. We engage and support the community on different levels as we want our local community to strive and be prosperous.

Cost effective. We pride ourselves on being affiliated with other independent practices which allows us to run at economy of scale and pass product delivery costs savings to you. We have a simple management structure without the overheads of big corporate companies which ultimately translates to a lower cost to you.