Pachymetry and Tonometry

Pachymetry & Tonometry


What is pachymetry?

It is a ultrasonic technique used to measure thickness of eye tissues.More specifically Pachymeters are used to measure the thickness of the cornea, or the clear membrane at the front of the eye.

When is this measurement made?

Two common circumstances under which this measurement is made are; when testing the frontal tissues for herniation or excessive thinning. There are hereditary conditions which can lead to thinning of membranes of the front of the eye, or in some circumstances more outdated surgeries which you may have had in the past may have created this scenario. These herniating conditions can lead to profound visual impairment. Another circumstance where the measurement is taken is to estimate at risk candidates for glaucoma, and progression there of.

What about Tonometry?

Tonometers have been around since 1905 ,and are used to measure intraocular pressure.They have seen a lot of refinement since that period.They are used to profile the pressure inside the eyes in either at risk patients for Glaucoma, established Glaucoma patients , or Ocular Hypertensives.