Red Eye Care


                                          Red Eye Care , and Management.

The reasons for red eye are varied, enclosed are some examples;

  • foreign body insult , we offer precise microscope guided removal under anaesthetic
  • bacterial infections, prescribe medicines for treatment
  • viral infections, generally these are self limited , can prescribe anti-viral medicines where indicated
  • fungal and parasitic infections,usually managed in a hospital setting
  • amoeboid infections, inhouse and hospital setting management
  • surface diseases , management in house
  • glaucoma closure attacks,urgent management often requiring systemic medicines
  • dry eye conditions, mostly inhouse management with some involving systemic  management and thus collaboration with General Medical Doctors , Rheumatologists, Gastroenterologists,Paediatricians.
  • allergies & hypersensitivities,in house management

The reasons are varied, so is the management , hence careful investigation is important.

When should I be most concerned about a Red Eye?

Generally when the redness is becoming worse within a 24 hour period, and often but not always the vision begins to be affected. An associated sensation of pain should ring an alarm bell. Describe your presentation when booking an appointment.