Appointment FAQ


The type of the examination undertaken will depend on your unique circumstances. We recommend a comprehensive eye exam  every 1-2 years.

Under the current Medicare system a full eye examination is covered every 1-3 years, depending on your age and billing cycle. A full exam covers ocular health check  and assessment of vision. If you are over 65 years of age the Medicare system is more generous and provides annual coverage. If you are under 65 y age the cover is less generous.

In our practice we stretch our capability of health care delivery and  bring to you more advanced testing protocols. This approach heightens detection of anomalies, and eye disorders. As a result  the examination attracts a Medicare gap payment. Depending on your unique circumstances a typical Gap Payment which applies to the visit is $38-$46.40.

Brief checks of the spectacle prescription are covered within this period.

When you book an appointment with us ,we kindly advise you cancellation within 24 may attract a $30.00 cancellation fee.

What do I bring to the Consultation?

  • Medicare Card
  • Veteran Affairs card if you are a Gold Card recipient
  • Health Fund Card – in case you need glasses or contact lenses
  • Information on family history of eye disease  (As  your genes determine your make up,  any information you can attain about your family history of eye disease will help us tune our radar to your management.)
  • Current Glasses and or Contact Lenses.
  • List of Medications you are on.

As current heath sciences agree on the consensus that early diagnosis and treatment of eye disease greatly benefits the outcome, we endeavor to intercept the disease before it gives you symptoms.

Do I need a referral ?

You do not need a referral to see our Optometry Doctor. If your General Medical Doctor had specific concerns about your eyes, please bring this up during the consultation.

Will I have drops instilled into my eyes during the exam?

We encourage our patients to have dilated pupil exams carried out at the time of the full eye health assessment. This mainly applies to our older age group or upon clinical indication. Should they be instilled we recommend not driving straight after the exam.


We do welcome your  feedback and suggestions.We treat them  seriously and recognise how they can improve the running of the practice , and operations. You can email us  Treated in confidence.