Cholesterol and Eyes

Cholesterol and  Eyes A lot of attention is given to cholesterol and the role it plays in general health. Your eyes are no exception. We can accurately evaluate your eyes with our equipment and advise you of the outcome.

Some of the findings we can uncover ;

Arcus Juvenilis  These are cholesterol deposits lodged in the peripheral cornea, or the clear window of the eye, resembling a whitish ring .

Xanthelasma. This is a yellow growth often attached to the skin surrounding the eyes.It protrudes away from the skin. It is localized around upper or lower eyelids. A recent Danish study (British Medical Journal 2011;343) following  12,745 participants, implicated the risk of cardiovascular disease is raised  in subjects carrying Xanthelasma. These individuals may have a propensity to deposit cholesterol in body tissue.

Atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis .In this case hardening of retinal arteries.This finding has been well documented and whilst it occurs in senior age having a high cholesterol diet, with added propensity to accumulate cholesterol will predispose to development of a stroke in your eye.

Cholenhurst Plaque. This is a highly reflectile plaque that can be seen lodged in the retinal blood vessels. Like any plaque lodged in the blood vessels around the body,  this finding will elevate your risk of developing a cardio-vascular event such as a stroke.

Cataracts The incidence of cataracts among people on diets of less 50g meat/day was lower compared to those whose diet constituted of in excess of 100g meat /day. (source EPIC European Prospective Investigation in Cancer and Nutrition, Am J Clin Nurt 2011;93:5)

Being caught up in cholesterol be aware there is good cholesterol HDL,High Density Lipoprotein, and bad cholesterol Low Density Lipoprotein LDL . You need to have the correct balance. The entire cholesterol story is a little more complex than this .Perhaps this is a start for some.