Sun Protection

Sunglasses at Riverside Eye Care

Our Advice for Sun Protection ; Broad rimmed hat, UV treated sunglasses, especially the wrap around variety to be worn when outdoors, especially in the Australian sun. In Australia sun spectacles by law need to give you UVA and UVB protection. Consider even the extra UV400 protection to cover UVC spectrum as well. We provide customised prescription sun wear for your lifestyle.

Technology We Have;

  • Rare Earth Metal Treatments to lens surface to reduce solar radiation
  • Polarizing Filters designed to reduce glare
  • Tint Treatments designed to alter your color perception based on your preferences (ie patients with cataracts may want reduced yellow light spectrum transmittance)
  •  UV filters
  • Nanotechnology Filters which polarize light with sun activation.

Concerns from UV exposure;

Facial cancers;  such as melanomas or squamous cell carcinomas affect the delicate skin around your eyes, protecting this region reduces the risk.

Pterygia ; are fleshy tissue growths on the white membranes of the eyes. They are caused by UV exposure. Over time given enough UV exposure they will grow across the cornea.

Solar keratitis. This is temporary damage or inflammation to the external clear tissue of the eyes called the cornea.

Specific Cataracts have been believed to be induced by UV exposure, although the evidence is debatable.

Retina, cumulative exposure to UVC has been implicated in contributing towards macular degeneration. Be mindful causative mechanisms for Macular Degeneration are complex and are still being unraveled.