Optic Nerve Imaging




Optic Nerve Imaging during your eye health check assessment our clinic recommends.

How is this relevant?

Your Optic Nerve carries messages from the eye to the brain, so it is an integral part of the visual system.

There are relatively common localised eye diseases such as Glaucomatous Neuropathy, which affect the Nerve.They can be picked up by careful imaging and microscopic assessment.On some occasions you may need to have your pupil dilated for more detailed inspection.Early deterioration of the nerve does not yield any symptoms. The sneaky part is you can have advanced optic nerve conditions and not be aware of it .

Some other disorders which can affect the Optic Nerve are; Multiple Sclerosis, Congenital Conditions, Strokes, Aneurisms , Compressive Lesions affecting the visual pathways, as well as Ischemic Conditions (diminished microcirculation),old signs of Brain or Eye Trauma, Swelling of parts of the brain. This test is non-invasive and recommended by our practice during full eye assessments.


Optic Nerve Imaging Modalities at the practice.

Slit-lamp exams

Optic Nerve 2D scans

Optic Nerve Optical-CT 3D scans;        RNL Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer , Ganglion Cell Analysis

Optic Nerve Optical -CT Angioplex;        Vessel Network Analysis of Optic Nerve Head