About Us

We are clinically focused Optometry Doctors here to assist you with your eye care needs, help you achieve best visual outcome you possibly can. We are qualified to examine eyes for vision disorders , detect and diagnose  signs of eye disease. We also diagnose signs of health disorders involving the eyes. We can prescribe eye medicines, spectacles, contact lenses,specialized visual aids and treat eye co-ordination disorders.

We can also provide advice and be involved in coordinated management of children with visually-related learning disabilities.

We can advise on eyes performance in elite sports, design programs to improve efficiency of the visual system.

As  professionals, we abide by Optometry Associations code of conduct, take part in continuing professional development, in doing so have access to latest technology and information available locally and overseas.Medical insurances provide benefits for visual aids dispensed by us, and basic consultations are covered  by the medicare system.