Binocular Vision Disorders

vision training

specialized vision training

This area examines the manner in which the eyes coordinate, either together as in-unison or individually. Can they align and point to an area of interest ?

We may use a battery of tests to ascertain if there is a problem.

Can they align and point to the task at hand?

Can they track together?

Is one eye suppressed by the brain?

How much do they alter their alignment by traversing through space, per given accommodative (focusing) demand?

Do they often go cross-eyed, or diverge out or up?

Can they stay aligned when reading a book?

Are they tracking well when reading a book?

Is eye hand coordination well developed?

Are fine motor skills developed well, sufficient to write well?


We are knowledgeable  in testing protocols to help answer the above queries. Have your Child assessed, as their Binocular Vision Problem may go unnoticed.