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You may have superb vision and have an eye disorder. What a lot of us forget is that there are eye diseases which in early stages do not affect the vision. To mention a couple of these, just as an exercise; macular degeneration and glaucoma. We rolled out some statistics from different sources , read on..

Lets concentrate on macular degeneration MD first.

Macular degeneration affects 1 out of 7 Australians over 50 (ref ) The techniques available for detecting subtle changes in the region of the macula are improving. Lifestyle factors do play a role in delaying the onset of the condition! Pharmacological treatments for dry type of the condition are actively being tested. 

Glaucoma on the other hand affects approx. 4% of the population increasing with age.(Blue Mountains study Ophthal. 1996 Oct;103(10):1661-9).Glaucoma alone affects 920,000 Australians! This is a condition afflicting the optic nerve. Some individuals optic nerves can be profoundly damaged from glaucoma and they may not be aware of it!


Comprehensive eye health check can detect these diseases .Detailed observation of internal eye structures done with microscopes, ophthalmoscopes and digitised imaging equipment heightens the sensitivity of picking up these conditions. Dr Chris recommends be prepared to have your pupils dilated during this test to allow detailed inspection, especially if you are in the middle and elderly age group. We are here to help.



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